About the author

JK Keane

She spent her early years running wild in the forests of her native Germany. When she was four years old, she decided that she was going to be an animal doctor. Her dream came true and she worked for more than twenty years as a vet first in Germany and then in the UK. Now retired, she lives with her husband in Shropshire. When she is not busy writing, you’ll probably find her exploring the local woods, looking for the best climbing trees or tracking the forest animals together with her grandchildren.

JK Keane enjoying time in the woods

Meet the illustrator

Sue Richards

Sue has been drawing since a child. Diarised with sketches and a few words since a teenager. Always carrying a sketch book when she travels to record these journeys in the same way. She has lived with her husband and children working as a nurse in Shropshire for many years.
During lockdown she started a journal to record the pandemic and told the journey that we all took into the unknown by sketching. Started in Lockdown as a new avenue for her sketching, telling the story of Mia “has been so rewarding”.