Photo courtesy of Ralf_tobias_hdr_photography (IG)

They are nocturnal. This means they sleep during the day and come out at night.
Hedgehogs have around 5000 to 7000 spines on their back. Each quill/ spine lasts about a year before dropping out and being replaced. When threatened, a hedgehog curls into a ball to protect its soft belly.
Hedgehogs get ill when they drink milk. Never leave milk outside. Clean water is fine and useful especially in dry weather.
They have a long snout which helps them forage in the grounds for worms. They eat many insects like caterpillars and snails so gardeners love them
Hedgehog often live alone. The rare occasion that you see a group of hedgehogs it is called an array.
Little legs walk far. They can travel up to two miles during one night. Ideally our gardens should have little entry and exit points so hedgehogs can come and visit.
If you see a hedgehog in the day please call a wildlife rescue centre  for advice as it is likely that they are poorly.
Top tip: Move bonfire piles on they day they are to be lit.